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Efficient Monitoring with Checkmk

You want to monitor your IT reliably and efficiently?

With Checkmk, you get a leading IT monitoring solution that gives you a comprehensive and simple overview of your systems. At the same time, Checkmk is easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure.

As a long-standing Checkmk Gold Partner, we support you in the introduction, operation and further development of Checkmk.

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Your Benefits with Checkmk

Flexible and comprehensive monitoring

Monitor your entire IT with just a few clicks. Even heterogeneous environments can be monitored easily. Hundreds of different IT systems can be integrated into Checkmk. These include, for example:

  • Network components (e.g. switches or firewalls)
  • Infrastructure components (e.g. printers, air conditioning or UPSs)
  • Windows or Linux servers
  • Appliances (e.g. VMWare, Fortinet or Sophos)
  • Cloud environments (e.g. Amazon Web Services, Azure or Kubernetes)

Checkmk can easily monitor hundreds of thousands of services with minimal requirements itself.

You configure Checkmk based on rules. This keeps the configuration clear and your effort low, even in complex environments.

Intuitive Dashboards and Graphs

Checkmk’s dashboards and graphs help you to always keep track of your systems. The modern HTML5 interface clearly visualizes time series and other service data. You can correlate different metrics from different hosts with user-defined graphs.

The dashboards serve as tactical headquarters. Here you can combine different information graphically and recognize bottlenecks directly!

Descriptive management view

Checkmk integrates many functions that clearly display the status of complete business processes. For example, a web shop consisting of a firewall, a load balancer, a web server farm and a database can be easily visualized using Nagvis, which is an integral part of Checkmk. Systems and services can also be aggregated within Checkmk in order to clearly display the status of an overall system consisting of many individual services.

Clear PDF reports

Checkmk provides comprehensive reporting. Each view of Checkmk can be easily exported as a PDF and downloaded for documentation. Reports can also be created automatically. For this purpose, a report can be individually configured and adapted to personal requirements. A scheduler allows the automatic creation and periodic sending of reports to any person. This makes complex availability and SLA analyses possible.

Detailed technical view

You can check each value that Checkmk reads out individually in the Checkmk web interface. In the service overview, you have a central overview of the resources of each monitored system. If you want to monitor additional metrics or statuses, you can set them up in Checkmk’s graphical configuration and thus add them to the monitoring.

Highly scalable monitoring

You can deploy Checkmk in environments of any size and complexity. In most cases, a single Checkmk server is sufficient. Depending on how many resources are available, a single Checkmk server can monitor up to approximately 12,500 hosts.

However, Checkmk also meets the high demands placed on monitoring large international environments. You can install multiple Checkmk systems at different locations and manage them centrally. This distributes the load of monitoring to any number of hosts, which continue to be responsible for monitoring in a decentralized manner. Network failures between different locations thus do not affect monitoring in any way.

Our Services


Do you want to implement a new monitoring system?

You decide to what extent you want to make use of our help. We are happy to help you even before installation when planning the sizing of the hardware where you want to run your Checkmk System. Furthermore, we accompany you during the installation.

If you want an all-round carefree package, we also carry out the configuration of the individual hosts in Checkmk for you. Alternatively, we can support your team in building up their own know-how. As training provider for Checkmk, we regularly conduct both the official Checkmk trainings on behalf of tribe29, as well as individual in-house trainings to prepare entire teams to use Checkmk.

Just contact us via email to discuss the first steps!


Do you want to be able to rely on an experienced partner when using Checkmk?

We support you in all tasks arising in the context of Checkmk. For many years we have been supporting companies of various sizes in the following tasks:

  • Scaling of Checkmk
  • Monitoring of additional systems
  • Updates of Checkmk and the appliance firmware
  • Performance optimization
  • Best practice audit


Do you have a device that Checkmk does not support yet?

We are happy to develop custom plugins for you. We regularly develop extensions for Checkmk on behalf of our customers. Many of our extensions have already found their way into the main version of Checkmk.

Checkmk plugins are versatile. Besides simple plugins for SNMP-based monitoring, we implement extensions for the agent, local checks or connections to third-party services.

Especially in the context of the conversion to Checkmk 2.0, many checks need to be revised. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or needs!

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We are your Partner

Checkmk Gold Partner

Awarded as a Gold Partner by tribe29 — the developers of Checkmk — we provide you with competent advice on all topics related to Checkmk.

Recognized security experts

As an IT security service provider recognized by the German Federal Office for Information Security, we regularly check the resilience of IT systems. The security of IT systems therefore concerns us every day.

With us you have a partner who configures your Checkmk system securely.

Always State of the Art

Our close ties to tribe29 give us advance insight into Checkmk’s development and technical roadmap.

As regular speakers at the Checkmk conference, we are an established part of the community. We also maintain close contact with the other partners, including at the Checkmk Partner Days.

Benefit from our insight into the world of Checkmk!

Ready for Your Requirements

We already implemented monitoring with Checkmk in a wide variety of environments — from small businesses to large corporations, from Windows server networks to Linux server landscapes to cloud environments. We are happy to share our experience in our training courses and in a personal consultation.

Lay the foundation for successful monitoring of your IT with us.


Do you have questions about Checkmk or are you looking for a new partner for your monitoring? Send us an email and arrange a non-binding conversation!

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