Linux Network Administration/LPIC2

  • Linux as network client
  • DNS name resolution services with Bind9
  • DHCP
  • Secure Web Servers with Apache2
  • FTP services with the Very Secure FTP server (vsftpd)
  • File/Print server for Windows with Samba 3
  • Mail server with Sendmail and Postfix
  • Secure remote access with Secure Shell
  • Proxy services with the Squid
  • Configuration of the xinetd
  • Measures against Denial of Service attacks

System Administration/LPIC-1

  • UNIX/Linux history
  • First steps
  • The Bourne Again Shell (BASH)
  • User administration
  • The file system and the file permissions
  • File system management with LVM
  • Adaptation of configuration files with vi
  • Installation and package management
  • The SysV boot process
  • Time control with Cron and At
  • Configuration of the X server
  • Print
  • kernel customizations and tuning
  • Local security

Quality of Service with Linux

  • What is Quality of Service (QoS)?
  • Basics of Quality of Service
  • Installation of the necessary tools
  • QoS configuration with the tools
    • tc
    • tcng
  • Integration of the QoS in a firewall
  • Consideration of a VPN
  • Load balancing of the Internet connection

Storage Solutions

  • Storage technologies at a glance
  • The server: ISCSI target
  • The ISCSI client
  • ATA-over-Ethernet
  • cluster file systems
  • GFS
  • OCFS2