System Monitoring with Check_MK - Part 2: Advanced Topics

Duration: 5 Days | Price Inhouse (without VAT): 10.990,00 € | Price Public (without VAT): 2.350,00 €

Scheduled Events

22.06.2020 - 26.06.2020
30.11.2020 - 04.12.2020


Have you attended our first course System Monitoring with Check_MK - Part 1: Basics already, or have comparable knowledge through practical experience? Then the second part of our Check_MK training is just right for you! Our 5 day advanced training will introduce you to many exciting topics around monitoring with Check_MK and beyond. We also share best practices and advanced methods - such as Check_MK on the command line. We use OMD - the Open Monitoring Distribution as a platform. OMD simplifies installation and updates of the entire monitoring ecosystem greatly and offers further advantages such as professional, globally standardized system integration and multi-instance capabilities. An important part concerns the architecture of the monitoring system. Here we discuss distributed monitoring - installations with more than one monitoring server. We show you how you can build a central configuration with WATO, how to monitor security areas (eg. DMZ, internet servers) safely, and discuss advantages and disadvanages of the possible architectures. As well as the established Check_MK Event Console, we present new topics such as reporting and hardware/software inventory. Remark: If you do not yet have practical experience with Check_MK, our basic training System Monitoring with Check_MK - Part 1: Basics is better suited for you.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of the course System Monitoring with Check_MK - Part 1: Basics


Advanced instance management with the command omd

Check_MK on the command line

Advanced functions of Check_MK

The Check_MK Micro Core

Alarm, part 2

BI - Business Intelligence

The Event Console

Reporting and availability

Hardware/software inventory

Distributed monitoring, part 2

User administration via LDAP

Important check plugins and agents

Measurement data processing, part 2

Visualization with NagVis

Extend Check_MK


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