A sustainable and viable industrial production requires the direct and close participation of all players. The digitalization in the industry called Industrie 4.0 enables this process and the monitoring in real time.

But the required communication between the different machines in the production process is not just a requirement but also poses great risks. Since the different systems in Industrie 4.0 are not independent anymore an may be remotely controlled an attacker with access may impact the continuity of such systems and may even cause harm to man and environment.

Therefore a complete and systematic security concept is a mandatory precondition for the successful accomplishment of Industrie 4.0.

The ICShell is a project started by OpenSource Security GmbH to research the possible risks embedded in the network protocols used by industrial control systems. The ICShell may be used to identify these risks and to develop efficient counter measures.

The Python library ICShell is the core of the project. It may be used to systematically analyze programmable logic controllers (PLC) of different vendors and detect vulnerabilities.

The ICShell is available as Open Source. Download